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For all your Construction needs, from the early planning stages through Project closeout, consider Champion Custom Builders, LLC.  We offer a comprehensive list of Professional Construction Services along with a seasoned group of Experienced Professionals to assist you in making educated choices for your current and future Construction Projects.

"Customer satisfaction through Quality, Service, Value and Integrity" consistently exceeding our clients' expectations.

We adopt our clients' goals and achieve their objectives
We will use our knowledge, experience and greatest efforts to provide the best value, quality and service for our clients.

We acknowledge subcontractors and suppliers as partners in our success.

We actively contribute our support and feedback to help assure that the project goals are met.

We support each other and create an environment where personal goals can be achieved through participation in the success of Champion Custom Builders LLC.



C ustomer Satisfaction

H onesty

A ccountability

M aking Safety a Habit

P ersonal Service

I ntegrity

O n time

N othing but the Best



Customer Satisfaction
We are dedicated to providing exceptional construction services to every customer on every project and to maintain timely and professional communications. We endeavor to build long-term customer relationships and serve as the construction services provider of choice in all of our markets. We will perform our best work on every job, as each job is important to us, big or small.

The Highest Integrity
Integrity is the cornerstone of our business and we will not compromise our commitment to this paramount value. We will treat our employees, our customers and our vendors with honesty and fairness. We will say what we mean, and we will do what we say. We will do nothing that is unethical, holding all of our actions accountable and open to public scrutiny.

A Safe Work Environment
We recognize that a construction site can be a dangerous place to work. That's why everyone at Champion Custom Builders LLC is committed to ensuring the safest practices and worksites within the industry. The safety of our employees along with everyone else on or around our projects is our greatest concern. We are dedicated to maintaining construction safety and to providing a safe environment everywhere we work.  "Make Safety a Habit ".

Motivated Excellence in Our People
Our success is due to the excellence of the employees that make up the Champion Custom Builders LLC. Every employee in our organization is important and deserves respect. We treat each other fairly and honestly. We embrace diversity and equal opportunity employment. We encourage our employees to live healthy, balanced lives. We are committed to employee training and development. We have an open-door policy at all levels of the organization. We manage with positive motivation. Intimidation and harassment are unacceptable. We face our problems and deal with them head on. We recognize and reward performance.

The Quality of Our Products
We strive to deliver a quality product at every level of the organization. Every employee must be committed to "quality" in the execution of their work, whether an assignment is a letter, an invoice, or a building.





John W. Sexton is the President and General Manager of Champion Custom Builders LLC.  John has been contracting for over 11 years in New Mexico and formerly 10 years in California.  His goal is to build long-term customer relationships and serve as the construction service provider of choice.  John believes that “Integrity” is the cornerstone of our business and we will not compromise our commitment. “We will say what we mean, and we will do what we say!

Clay Simmons
is our Project Estimator and Project Manager.  Clay has been serving the community for 7 years.  His focus is to see that your project is on time and on budget.  He can run multiple projects simultaneously while still paying attention to the details.   No matter what size project you have, they are all important to us!

Janaya Johnson is our Contract Document Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.  Janaya has been paying attention to detail for several years.  She is here to see that all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed. You need to send or receive project document information? Just give her a call!  She will be happy to serve you!

Johnna Maxfield
is our Customer Service Representative.  Johnna is our front line person.  She makes sure teh information/communication stream runs smoothly to every person, every trade, which makes everyone's job that much easier.  This is turn makes every project run that much better!


Johnny Sexton i
s our Labor Foreman.  Johnny has been working with Champion Custom Builders, LLC since his sophomore year in high school.  He is in charge of our laborers and he also makes sure our work areas area safe and clean.  His goal is "Make Safety a Habit" !

Steve McPeak
is our landscape expert.  Steve knows irrigation, drip & sprinkler systems, landscape planning and designs.  He can transform the outside of any project for the finishing touch.

Mitch McGehee
is our Journeyman Carpenter. Mitch has been in the construction industry for over 15 years.  His specialty is custom portals with hand carvings and special features. He also runs our framing crews. His motto is “Done right the first time.

Our Mascot Ruby!
  She is a Jack Russell Terrier.  She is high energy and will warmly greet you!  Just like her breed we all believe in “Get-R-Done”!